Earn Money Each Time You Shop!

Ditch the coupon clipping and welcome to the millennial way of saving a coin or two or three. Seriously, there’s so many ways to save money on your groceries but to get hard earn cash back is an added bonus!

I normally spend about $100 a week for my small family. I know, it may be a bit much for some or not alot to others but I cook everyday, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  These money-saving apps keep me at or under my budget by providing incentives and bonus dollars to reach my shopping trip goals.

Earn Money Each Time You Shop!


earn money each time you shop

Here’s a list of my favorite phone apps to save money on groceries:

  1. Ibotta: This app is number one and my favorite app to use when creating my grocery list. I create a list around the savings I receive on each item. It’s super easy to use. Simply, download the ibotta app, here. Tap on the food item you are seeking to purchase, scan the item barcode once you’ve made your purchase then, snap a photo of your store receipt. Ibotta tends to pay out after you reach $20, directly to your PayPal or Venmo account. I tend to build up this amount pretty quickly when buying staple products like milk, apples and bananas. You can join my team, here and get $10 when you use your first coupon.  Save on food, clothes and other items.
  1. CheckOut 51: This app is similar to Ibotta. For some reason, I always forget about this app on my phone. Creating this list made me go into the app and check it out, to my surprise there was $3.74 waiting for me! Whooohooo. Just like Ibotta, CheckOut 51 pays out after you reach $20 or more in savings. This app is easier to use than Ibotta. You get started by scanning your receipt, than select the e-coupons you are looking to match.
  1. Snap By Groupon: One of the latest to be apart of the coupon app saving wave is one of my favorite saving apps, Groupon. Snap By Groupon groceries are only available for IOS phones. This app seems to have a smaller collection of food options but they are continuing to grow.
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These three apps are great ways to save some coins on your grocery bill.

Let me know in the comment section below or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, what ways you save money on your grocery bill?

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