Easy Winter Fashion Tips For Toddlers

Styling your toddler for winter can be a ton of fun! Layers on top of layers of beautiful warm or vibrant tone colors, furs collars, cozy hats and more! The key is to look stylish while allowing your toddler to be comfortable. I’ve even added a few must have winter items to keep your little boys or girls in style for the winter months. Here’s 5 tips I use to ensure my son is warm and stylish for the brutally cold months here in Chicago. Be sure to tag us on Instagram {here} or post a picture of your cute toddler winter fashion on our Facebook page, here.

Easy Winter Fashion Tips For Toddlers

Easy Winter Fashion Tips For Toddlers


  1. Fur Trim Coat: Faux fur trim around the hood of your tot winter coat is absolutely adorable. Plus, it makes them look at least 2 or 3 years older.
  2. Layer It Up: Literally, I add an undershirt, a button up shirt, a sweater vest then a puff winter vest. Believe me, it looks adorable. Don’t you agree.
  3. Kicks: Boots are very important! I purchased the two main staple boot colors black {from Reebok Winter Boots}, brown {from Polo Kids Tan Boots} and a fun color to show a bit of flare. Kids are so fun to dress when they can’t talk back, hehehehe!
  4. Create A Color Scheme: Your toddler clothes should be a reflection of his/her personality. Opt for a bold classic color and build trend-driven pieces around that. Shoes are a great way to add a pop of color to his/her outfit.
  5. Have Fun: Don’t be afraid to use bold prints likes stripes, plaids and polka dots. You can even draw inspiration from your favorite celebrity artist. It’s always fun to see a Beyonce or James Dean look-alike.
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When in doubt go for a simple outfit and use a scarf to layer up for a stylish look. A scarf adds a great finishing touch and can be worn in many different ways. Overall, we want our toddler to look trendy and stylish but at the same time allow for easy access, especially if they are still in diapers. Buying clothes with buttons and press studs in the right spots allows us to change more easily.

You can seek further style inspiration by picking up a few magazines or browsing through our Pinterest page.

I hope this 5 tips help you to style your toddler with ease! Check out a few of my picks for boy and girl fashion in the slider below. Simply click on the image to find out more.

Boy Winter Fashion

Girl Winter Fashion

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