5 Tips For Perfect Newborn Photos

OMG guys, don’t make me cry here! I was looking back into old photos of CalvinIII and his first professional photo-shoot was at 6 days young. I was eager to get him in front of the camera to capture the moments I would never, ever, get to have again. I mean, he would only be this tiny, once. So, I grabbed my aching body from just delivering the baby and we went to our photo-shoot.

The shoot was absolutely perfect, our photographer was extremely nice, the room was warm and cozy, her props were perfect and the price was right, around $30 dollars. Calvin III was born on December 13, 2014, at 12:22p.m. yep, he was born on the last sequential date of the CENTURY, pretty special right?!

Here’s 5 tips you can use to create adorable first time photos for your newborn. Be sure to tag me on Instagram & Facebook {TravelWithTheRussells} with your babies newborn pics. I wanna see! Continue reading below…..

5 Tips For Perfect Newborn Photos

5 Tips For Perfect Newborn Photos


Keep Baby Happy: To ensure that you have a happy baby during the photo-shoot be sure to make sure baby is well feed and the room is very warm. I suggest you feed your baby at least 15 minutes prior to the photo-shoot. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, take out this time to arrive early at the photographer studio to feed and changed baby. Having a very warm room will help baby feel more comfortable and at home.

Time of Day: Choosing the perfect time of day for your photo-shoot is very important. I recognized that Calvin III was more relaxed during the early day time hours than in the afternoon or evening so, we selected our photo-shoot for the earliest slot.

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The Perfect Angle: Instead of repositioning baby to obtain a different shot, I suggest you advise the photographer to move around the baby as he lays in one position. This will allow you to achieve beautiful and unique angles to photograph.

Choosing the Perfect Outfit: Simplicity is absolutely best. I choose a Christmas theme onesie because our son was born around the holiday season. It is this adorable long sleeve cardigan onesie that you can add pants to our allow there legs to be out. I decided that I wanted his legs and feet to show in this photo. There’s so many cute cardigan onesies out there! Here’s one and another and another. I placed my order for this onesie about a month before my scheduled delivery date to ensure it would arrive on time.

Keep Quiet: Here’s a tip that saved our lives: Our son loved white noise when he was a newborn, actually we still use it to this day. It keeps him asleep LONGER, praise GOD and drowns out any additional noises around him. It would be ideal if you could play white noise in the background or soothing sounds during your newborn photo-shoot to relax baby.

Let me know some additional tips you used to create perfect newborn pictures.

Chat soon, Ro’Shunda

4 thoughts on “5 Tips For Perfect Newborn Photos

  1. Savannah

    LOOOVE this!! Keeping white noise going during my son’s newborn photoshoot was absolutely necessary to keeping him calm as well!! Unfortunately, we had to shell out over $400 for his photography session, which was just outrageous! Thinking this time around I may just try and do it myself, haha.. Thanks for sharing <3

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