How To Teach Kids Black History

Every third Monday in January, we celebrate the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We celebrate the legacy of Dr. King’s achievements and dreams of a vibrant and multicultural America.

The story of struggle, despair and inequality that started centuries ago still continues on today.  Most educational establishments use this day to educate men and women about the work of Dr. King and today, I plan to do the same with our son but not just today, I’ll share the history of our African – American race both good and bad with him forever. Read more, below:

How To Teach Kids Black History

How To Teach Kids Black History

Last year, we visited the Lorraine Motel, which was transformed into the beautiful and modern National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis Tennessee. If you have yet to visit, I encourage you to take the trip, here. After the beautiful tour of the museum, I purchased a book, “I Have A Dream: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”written by: Kadir Nelson.

The “I Have A Dream” book displays magnificent paintings and illustrations by Kadir Nelson as it outlines one of the most powerful speeches ever spoken in American history.  As I read this book to my 2 year old son, I can see his eyes opening after every page I turned, he began to repeat after me: I Have A Dream! It was such a beautiful experience!

Here’s a few ways you can teach your child about black history:

How To Teach Kids About Black History


  1. Grab A Book: The library and book stores are two great places for children, toddler, and teen educational books about African American Leaders. You can also browse the web for African American books and authors as they share a different perspective from mainstream history novels.
  2. Create An Activity: Download printables that you and your child can work on together while at home. There are hundreds of fun ways to assist your child with learning facts about some of the most influential Americans of our time. You can visit Time For Kids, here, to peruse through articles and print off informative printables.
  3. Visit The Black History Museum: There’s a black history museum, monument or institution in every state. The first African American museum was the college museum in Hampton, Virginia. One of the first non-profit museums in the United States is the DuSable Museum of African American History founded in 1960, right here in Chicago. Step into a museum and register for a live performance or take in the African American music genre of jazz and blues.
  4. Southern Style Meals: Introduce your family to African American cuisine. Just like Mexican night, you can explain to your children African American dishes like southern style collard greens, peach cobbler and other delectable seasoned meals. Visit one of my favorite southern style chefs, here and learn a new recipe.
  5. Learn More About Your History: You can create a fun activity with your children about your lineage by completing a family tree. Have your children act as detectives to ask other family members how they are related. The outcome can become unforgettable.
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How do you plan to incorporate African – American culture into your family? How do you plan to share the amazing work of African- American leadership in America? Let me know in the comment section below.

Chat soon, Ro’Shunda

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22 thoughts on “How To Teach Kids Black History

  1. Kendra

    Great Ideas. We have a few books that we read regularly about people being different, including the color of their skin. We need to incorporate your other suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Elizabeth Doren

    This is an awesome post. It’s such an important lesson for our kids and to teach equality and what it took to get where we are.

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