12 Ways To Drastically Reduce Your Expeneses

In our house, I’m in “charge” (per se) of handling the expenses. I take note of all the money coming into the house and the money that leaves the bank account. I tend to run a pretty tight ship too! Especially after reading the Richest Man In Babylon, a great book explaing the importance of paying yourself first. Our overall goal is to make sure that we pay bills on time but I’m an advocate on saving for a rainy day, saving for investing and also a stash for just wildin’ out (just kidding). We are both under 30 and like to have a good time with-in reason so, in-order to keep our goals aligned, I make sure to cut the fat from our expenses when needed.

I’ve rounded up 12 ways you can asses your budget and reduce expenses, if needed.  Read more, below:

12 Ways To Drastically Reduce Your Expenses

12 ways to drastically reduce expenses

  • Reduce your cell phone bill. Take audit of your bill and see how many minutes of call time and text time you use each month. Do you really need an unlimited plan for $100 a month or can you trade in your $500 phone with a free refurbished phone to lower your bill payment?
  • Children activities: Take Alice to ballet, then swim class, then soccer practice may hit your pockets a little harder than you original planned. Although we want to keep our kids busy, think of fun things you can do with neighbors or activites that are free to join near your home.
  • Stop donating monetary gifts. If you don’t truly have it to give, donate with your time instead of monetary contributions. I’m sure the foundation will love you the same.
  • Eliminate bad habits. Smoking and consuming alcohol on a regular basis can be very costly. Consider drastically reducing or eliminating this habit.
  • Reduce grooming or maintenance expenses: We know that a great pedicaure and manicure can run you upwards of $100 a month with a service bi monthly. Watch a few YouTube videos and learn how to trim, cut and polish your own nails.

  • Save on gas. Don’t be afraid of public transportation. If you live near a bus stop or train station, consider using these forms of transportation to save on gas.
  • Lower the temperature. You can adjust the temperature of your hot water heater which will save some cash and save energy.
  • Cancel gym or club memberships: Youtube is your friend. Look up at home workouts to lose the fat.
  • Eliminate your cable bill. This will save you at least $75-$150 a month. Personally, we haven’t had cable in our home for over 4 years and honestly, I don’t miss it.
  • Reduce eating out. Let me tell you! This one is so hard for me to do. I just love trying new things and frankly, I love when someone else is cooking besides me, ha! Just do what you can in this area.
  • Downgrade your health insurance. When was the last time you reviewed your health or home insurance policy. Do you really need that much coverage? Can you lower the bill? Call to find out.
  • Reduce your childcare: Yes, there are ways to reduce childcare expenses. Consider the rate of a nanny a few times a week or even partner with another mom for a nanny-share day. You can even attempt to adjust your hours at work at least once a week so, you can be at home during the day.

I hope these 12 tips help you reduce expenses in your household. What else should I add to this list?

Chat soon, Ro’Shunda

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  1. Stephanie

    These are some great tips! I love that you’re honest about loving eating our. I love trying new restaurants and food, so we decided to keep a smaller budget for this instead of cutting it completely.

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