Mom Style: Neutrals with a Pop of Color

Did I tell you how much I love faux fur. No one would really know my love for faux fur, since I mainly wear a pair of leggings, an over-sized t-shirt and my favorite pair of boots every single freeking day. Running errands, cleaning the house, cooking, changing diapers, teaching a tot and typing behind this computer, all while keeping the hubs intrigued. It  will make you think this lady ain’t got no style. lol! Well, Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday and Sunday you’ll find me in sweats and leggings, other days, my husband will ask me out on a date then say, ummm where you going looking like that…. I have to remind him who I was 2 years ago (Our son is 2). Am I right, ladies!

Today, we received a nice amount of fog and a wonderful 47 degrees of love! If you’re in Chicago, you know how grateful I am to get rid of the cold weather. Although the sun didn’t peek out, there was enough natural light for an out door shoot. So, here I am standing in the middle of the street with an occasional turn around for cars that slowed down to see what the heck we were doing.

Mom Style: Neutrals with a Pop of Color

What I Wore: 

Coat: The temperature was perfect enough to ditch the bulky coat so, I grabbed my faux trim beige mid-length coat with a detachable collar. It has zippered long sleeves, side pockets and a pleather exterior.  Inside is a soft plush material that drapes to the front.

Shoes: Can you say, hop- hop- hop? These bunny inspired classic pump in raspberry sued is the perfect shoe to add a bit of fun on your feet. The pointed shoe comes with a perfect puff on the toe with a tapered heel. See a similar shoe style, here.

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Dress: Laina midi dress, a beige sued, long sleeve, over the knee dress that gave me a nice snug hug. I grabbed this beauty from, I believe there’s only a few left. Use my code: TheRussells for 15% off your order, today.

Hair: My hair is a moisturized twist-out using Eden BodyWorks.


What’s your outside the house, mom style?

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