Advice To Bloggers: Must-Haves To Make Brands Partner With You!

I started this blog,, on Monday January 9, 2017 so, it’s been about three weeks since our official launch. Since launch date, I’ve partnered with five brands to provide either a sponsored post, product review or media promotion for their company. As you have read in my Meet The Russells tab, you learned that this isn’t my first business and I’ve worked with brands before however, I haven’t attached this brand with my current website,, which has an established following and brand awareness. Nope, I’m doing everything from scratch, including social media: Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.

Since launch, I’ve started a Finance Friday feature on the blog sharing how to save money, how to reduce expenses and now, how to create an additional stream of income by blogging with brand partnership. There will be more posts like this one to come so, be sure you’ve joined our email list to NEVER miss a post, here.

Enough with all the chatter, let’s jump right into the following must-have tips you need as a blogger to get brands to work with you. Read more, below:

Advice To Bloggers: Must-Haves To Make Brands Partner With You!

Advice To Bloggers: Must-Haves To Make Brands Partner With You!

  • Professionally Designed Blog: By professional, I simply mean a website with a domain ending in a .com or a .org, etc. Ditch the free wordpress version that will have your domain name title read: This is a NO go, if your seeking brands to take you serious and partner with you for both monetary and high price product exchange. Domains are extremely inexpensive, I purchased mine from, GoDaddy and they currently have a 30% off sale that will bring your domain under $5 bucks. When you switch to, you will need a hosting as well, I use this hosting, GoDaddy. It’s extremely simple to set up and the customer service is 24/7! I’ve called at 1:30 in the morning about questions for my site and it was answered right away. 
  • High Quality Images: My camera of choice is the Canon Rebel T6, available on Amazon, here.  Having high quality images engages readers instantly with your content allowing them to be intrigued enough to click and share.
  • Active Social Media Account: Are you posting high quality images on your Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts regularly. Brands love to see that you are being social with your readers outside of the content you create on your blog. I use this tool (Hootsuite)  to schedule my weekly social media posts but I am also online consistently engaging with readers, commenting and liking their photos as well.
  • Media Kit: A media kit is something like a resume to brands. Inside a media kit you will include a blurb about your company, statistics about you blog readership and social media, your rates for partnerships, contact information, previous brand partners and the type of opportunities you have available to work alongside the brands to create great content. You can download a media kit template example by searching on google.
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The key to brand partnerships is to create a mutually beneficial relationship with the brand and continue to nurture that relationship. Be sure to interact with the brand socially after your partnership has ended. This let’s the brand know that you are genuinely interested even if you are not involved. Taking an interest in the brands partnerships with other bloggers may spark their attention and will open more doors for you to collaborate on your upcoming projects.

Bloggers, have you pitched a brand to partner with your blog? Were you nervous? Feel free to share additional tips below:

Chat soon! Ro’Shunda



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