What To Consider Before Becoming A Stay At Home Mom

If you choose to become a stay at home mom, please note that it involves both the feeling of absolute joy and tough challenges, mentally and financially. Mentally, some moms go through stages of depression, loneliness, the feeling of being “overworked” and overwhelmed. On the flip-side, some moms are overjoyed to leave their full-time jobs to take on the tasks of becoming a stay at home mom and seeing their children accomplishments first, teaching, training and protecting one-on-one.

Financially, many stay at home moms become dependent on their spouse income and changing their lifestyle to cut costs. There’s nothing wrong with being able to live on one income however, some moms are driven to create their own stream of income while maintaining the home. Those with businesses are now Work From Home Moms. We can discuss this more.

If you are having the discussion with your spouse about becoming a SAHM, here’s 3 steps you should consider. Read them below.

What To Consider Before Becoming A Stay At Home Mom

What To Consider Before Becoming A Stay At Home Mom

Be Clear About Responsibilities & Roles: Being a SAHM doesn’t mean you are the chef, the maid, the financial account, the lawn mower, the teacher, the pleaser, the dish washer, the landscaper….. and the list continues. Before making your decision to become a SAHM, be sure to sit down with your spouse and have the conversation of what you expect from each other. How can you divide household responsibilities, cooking, cleaning and errands. Avoid the argument, while staring down at a sink full of dishes after a long day.


Find A Way To Make Extra Income From Home: Whether you need additional income to maintain your lifestyle or simply seeking an outlet that captures your personality. Find something that will make you happy outside of the family daily routine. You may be seeking a freelance position or to sell a product or service. Either option needs to be flexible so that you can work from home, add a few dollars to your bank account and/or allow you to have a story to tell during dinner time other than the babies dirty diaper explosions.

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Test Out Living On One Income: If you are a bit skeptical about quitting your job to become a SAHM, test it out. Start by creating a new budget based on your spouse take home income and not his salary. After taxes are taken out, what is the amount that will be deposited into the checking account. Look for areas where leaving your job will save money. For example, if you leave your job, will you save on daycare expenses that you are currently making, will you save on gas by not commuting. Will you be able to utilize one car instead of two, save on eating out, clothing expenses. Speak with your tax accountant, you may learn that you will save more money with one income and gain more money back on your taxes when filed.

Lastly, see how realistic your new budget estimates are by testing it out without using any of your income for 3 to 6 months.

As a work from home mom, I can honestly say this has been the BEST decision I could’ve made for our family. My husband and I strategically planned for me to be at home from day one and GOD made our vision a reality. Grateful is really an understatement. Whether you are able to be a SAHM or WFHM or Work AWAY From Home Mom, we are all driven with the same goal, to raise independent, caring adults.

What other tips would you share with moms before they become a SAHM?

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