Super Simple: How To Make Money From Blogging In 30 Days

Yay! At TravelWithTheRussells is 1 month old! We launched this parenting and lifestyle blog on Monday, Jan. 9th 2017! I knew that I wanted to create a different platform from my online wedding resource, that would allow me to document and share my love for family, raising our son, and fun adventures.

Along with other goals, I set out to brand myself as an individual.  Creating a hobby was never an option so, earning income from the hard work it takes to run and maintain a blog was a must. So, I prepared a strategy to create a brand that would relate to millennial parents, sassy moms and daring tots.

Please believe, I’ve had quite a few hurdles over this past month. Ranging from brands slamming the door in my face (virtually) to inappropriate rejection responses from PR representatives, all the way to the BEST rejection from a mom blog group. Thank GOD for tough skin plus, I’m a firm believer that nothing great comes without paying a price. However, my accomplishments within 30 days definitely made me pat myself on the back.

If you are anxious to become a blogger but not sure how to start or are currently blogging and have yet to generate income from your blog than this blog post is to help you. Read more, below.


Super Simple: How To Make Money From Blogging In 30 Days

The Basics:

    • Register a Domain Name: What will the name of you blog be? Think of a name that will help identify you and the brand you represent. Keep it short and sweet or catchy for readers to remember. I puchased an inexpensive domain through NameCheap they are having an amazing sell on domains right now so, be sure to grab your domain name before someone else thinks about it here: Register your domain as low as $0.88/year
    • Grab Your Hosting: Hosting: This is extremely important Get a Professional hosting from Namecheap from only $1.66/mo
    • Choose a Theme: Decide what type of theme you would like based on the WordPress options you have available. I decided to ditch the chaos and focus on content. So, my blog is simplicity at its best.
    • Pick You Social Media Names: I like to go onto each social media account and search for my business name to see what exists. Each social account allows for a certain amount of letter so, be sure that you try to select a name that’s similar across all accounts. For instance, Facebook: Travel With The Russells, Instagram: TravelWithTheRussells, Pinterest: TheRussellsPin,  Twitter: TravelWRussells

Now that your blog is all setup, its time to get to work. Remember, blogging is more than writing content and sharing on social media. To make money from blogging you must treat it like a business, which would include sales, marketing, social media management and advertising, just to name a few.

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Write Good Content: Write about topics that are very popular in your niche. I like to talk about topics that are searched often on google and on YouTube. My goal is to write a 500+ word article, providing real information that you can use along with high resolution photos or video.

Get Social Quick: Create your social media accounts before you start your blog and begin to create a buzz to gain followers. Social media is vital to collect with brands. I received an email from a brand to sponsor content on this blog simply because they found me through a hashtag on Instagram.

Pitch Pitch Pitch: During the 30 days of TWTR, I created numerous custom pitch letters and sent to small and well established brands. Some said NO but most said YES! Those who said yes, were delighted to work with my NEW parenting blog, provided giveaways and monetary contribution. I made the most money this past month by selling (pitching) my blog.

  • Create a Media Kit: I love Hip Media Kits for their amazing selection of media kit templates. A media kit is a resume of your blog that will include an about section, demographic, previous sponsored content, rates and more. Most companies will request a media kit before making a final decision to work with your blog. Whether your stats are high or low having a media kit is a plus.

Affiliate Marketing: This type of marketing allows you to promote someone else product or service on your blog and get paid a percentage of the sale. Most bloggers have a disclaimer within their post sharing that affiliate links are included and if you purchase from the links, you will be supporting their website. Affiliate Marketing pays a pretty nice sum of money. If negotiated right, you will receive at least 20% from each sale. Win!

Google Ads: My website reached over 2,000 page views in 30 days! Since day one, I’ve placed an ad on blog posts, which pays per click or impressions on your site. It’s minimal coins but they can add up quickly. Be sure to start your google adsense account asap.

As a blogger, my main goal is to add value, be honest, keep it simple and engage with you as my readers. Would you like an example of a pitch letter or media kit? Enter your email address, here.

Thank you so much for the continued support of TravelWithTheRussells! We appreciate you!

Chat soon, Ro’Shunda

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