6 Insanely Fun Rainy Day Activities With Kids

We’ve been having some amazingly scary storms. The type of storms where it gets extremely dark. the trees start swaying from side to side and it sounds like someone is throwing small pebbles at all the windows inside your house. That type of rain is not something you can gleefully go outside and play in. It’s not a drizzle you can find one puddle and splash, instead its a scene out of a scary horror movie that makes you want to lock all screen doors.

Here’s a few fun activities you can do with your children at home. Let us know in the comment section, which of these activities you’ve tried with your kiddos. Get the details, below:

6 Insanely Fun Rainy Day Activities With Kids

6 Insanely Fun Rainy Day Activities With Kids

Paper Airplanes: Make a paper airplane from a piece of paper and imagine you are flying the skies instead of sitting on the couch waiting for the rain to stop. Get your children excited about the takeoff and landing of the airplane. Color the plane bright yellows and greens. Have a contest to see which airplane can stay in the air the longest. Plus, wherever the plane lands there won’t be a catastrophe, no clean-up, no stress.

Need A Marching Band: Gather some items around the house and make your own instruments. Start with your biggest pot for the drums, then grab your broom for the guitar, finally, place some beans into a cup and cover the lid with tape for a nice shaker sound. Your marching band is complete.

Build A New Destination: Take out the Legos or building blocks and create a new city with a massive sculpture. At the end, count to 3 and let the kiddos tear it all down.

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Make Your Own  Movie: Grab your phone and start making a suspense movie, where you must find the infamous Rubel from Paw Patrol. Rubel has committed a serious crime and must be taken into custody while riding on top of a hot wheels car, immediately. There’s no more Rubel on the double around this camp.

Family Fashion Show: Grab items from daddy or mommy closet and walk the runway with flashing lights or flash lights. Even the parents can and should get involved by finding some of their best attire to show off their style. Create the runway with a table cloth or folded sheet. Be sure to have you camera ready to take photos. Then after the fashion show is complete, giveaway a treat to the best dressed. Upload your video or photo to the main screen or your tv, and replay all the action.

Sock Puppets: Set the stage area using sheets, chairs and tables for a fun puppet show. Using your favorite colorful socks, create crazy character names that will have the kids giggle. Get behind your well made puppet stand, pull back the sheet curtain and put on your best show.

Although it maybe wet and cold outside, you can still create  fun environment for the kids. Get creative, think back to the days when you where their age. Tap into your child like personality and have some fun. Let us know on Facebook or Instagram, using the tag @TravelWithTheRussells, which of these activities you’ve played at home.

Chat soon, Ro’Shunda

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