Teaching Your Toddler To Count + Video

There is no concrete time frame that your toddler should know his/her numbers. Every child learns at a different stage. I never forced a specific type of learning with our son. It’s been a continous effort since he was 6 months. By the time he was 16 months, baby Calvin knew his numbers 1-10. He mastered both number recognition and verbalizing the numbers in order.

In this video you will see our adorable son counting the numbers written by my husband on a sheet of paper. Read 5 easy tips to help your child master counting, below:

Teaching Your Toddler To Count + Video

Teach Your Child To Love Counting

I provide many opportunities for Calvin to to see, touch and use numbers throughout the day. While at the grocery store, I would look up at the counter and point out the numbers. As we walked down the stairs, we would count each step. It became a fun-loving game that he would repeat each time he saw steps. He began to love counting throughout the day.

Learn Through Play

I rarely sit our son down and go over learning materials. He prefers to learn while playing and it actually works. As he is jumping in the bed, we will count how many times he jumps. I select nursery rhymes music that has happy and playful singing songs. Children love singing and dancing so, making it educational and fun has been the best way for us to learn through play.

Number Recognition

Repetition is the key to success for number recognition. The more you expose your child to numbers both written and verbally, the easier it will be for them to learn. During diaper changing times, I would hand Calvin flash cards with numbers. I purchased a cash register where it showcased number buttons. He had to enter a certain number in order for the cash register to open. Everything around us dealt with numbers and all of the learn through play activities enforced number recognition.

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Night Time Routine

Our night time routine consisted of number flash cards, color flash cards and the Good Night Moon book. We had this routine implemented for months. Baby Calvin knew what to expect each night and he was excited to go over his numbers and impress us with his skills. We would clap and cheer as he mastered colors and numbers. The recognition is something he really loved.

Create A Challenge

Keep activities that are exciting and fun, yet challenging. I knew by the age of 21 months, our son had mastered the standard shapes, primary colors and counting 1-10. He was starting to get bored! So, I started working on the introduction of double digit numbers. I can say this was a bit more of a challenge because his language is not fully developed and he struggled a bit with pronunciation.  However, we kept going over them, implementing learn through play, as well as songs. He’s successfully mastered counting 1-20 at 2 years and 2 months old.

Our next goal is reading and writing at his own pace! I’m super excited for this level, as we’ve begun to incorporate sight words and phonic sounds of the alphabet. In no way am I an expert, but my son has made it very easy for my husband and I to teach him on a daily basis. He absorbs learning so well and he’s always eager and excited to learn more.

What techniques or methods do you use to teach your kids counting?

Teaching Your Toddler To Count

Thank you for reading and chat soon! Ro’Shunda

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