Top 3 Ways To File Your Taxes

2017 has gotten here quick and we are already discussing taxes and income tax refunds! Some people dread this time of year and some people have been waiting on this time of year since this same time last year lol! Of course, there are many ways you can file your taxes and many people do it themselves to save money. There are many scams and illegal practices out there, so make sure the person, company, or information you get is legitimate. If you are not sure what to do, or if you didn’t like your results last year, then you will want to know the top 3 ways to file your taxes in 2017.

Top 3 Ways To File Your Taxes

top 3 ways to file your taxes

1. A Certified Public Account

Yes. This is the best route to go when you are getting your taxes done. Here’s why; First, most higher refunds come from those who know the tax laws and what questions to ask. Most part-time and spare time tax preparer’s are only in the game during tax season and they will either follow a script or only ask the questions that the computer says to ask. Almost every year, the tax laws change and it helps to know what you can and can’t qualify for.

Also, I recommend looking for a full time CPA. This means that they are doing financial taxes for small businesses, personal taxes, and other financial services year round and not just during the tax season or part-time. I have tried the top companies that most people go to such as Jackson Hewitt & H&R Block and honestly, they were about the same. But, my refund changed significantly when I worked with a CPA that educated me on the laws that benefited me and not just everyone else.

2. Credit Karma Tax

For those of you who didn’t know the big news, Credit Karma is now officially doing taxes. What I like most about this new feature is that they are essentially making the process easy for you to technically do your own taxes but there are $0 fees for everything. Yes, $0 fees. I heavily researched and emailed them about it lol.

Here’s the deal, over 60 million people have a Credit Karma account already simply to check their credit anyway, so all of your personal information transfers over and you don’t have to type much! Most companies are only doing the Federal Taxes for free and charging you for the state taxes. Technically taxes are really just forms to fill out, sign, and send off. Not to mention there isn’t a fee to get your income tax refund. To get notified when the service is available, click here. To open up your Free Credit Karma Account and get your credit score and report, click here.

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3. H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Turbo Tax

  • H&R Block:taxes in 2017 gosimplypro
  • Not to much to explain here really. You know who they are and what they do. But, what a lot of people don’t think about is the expertise of these people. Since H&R Block is such a big company, they do all the work to get the people in the door and pretty much anyone can do your taxes as long as you can read a computer screen. Although, I would recommend this route if you are the type that may have many questions, you only have a 1040EZ or 1040, and you are looking to go the free route. At least, this way, you will be able to ask someone face to face.
  • Jackson Hewitt: taxes in 2017 gosimplypro
  • Jackson Hewitt looks to cost a little more. Keep in mind, these are their online “do-it-yourself” online versions. I’m not sure what the prices would be to stop inside a location. But with so many free online options, I see many people staying inside the house to complete their taxes.
  • TurboTax: taxes in 2017 gosimplypro
  • TurboTax has always been the “At-Home” option and for the longest, saved many consumers tons of money. The problem is that competition is very tough and now Turbotax has more stipulations to get their “Free” version. If you go this route, good luck to you as you may fill out everything, get it all done, and find out that you have to pay a fee when you thought it would all be free.

The Bottom Line

That’s my short list of ways to file your taxes in 2017. Of course, these are just my opinion and I am not a CPA nor do I play one on TV lol. I just want make sure people know that there are many options to go and free routes as well.

I am a FICO Certified Credit Consultant at For questions, feel free to contact me at: 877.205.7771

Thank you for reading! Calvin

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