5 Fabulous Hotels On My Bucket List

We spend nearly $50 billion dollars a year on travel across the U.S. According to an online panel study in 2011 by Mandala Research, 1 in 5 couples travel internationally every year. The growing travel base is represented by many millennials seeking to explore the world without limitations. Whether we decide to travel solo, as a couple or bring the family along, traveling internationally allows us new perspectives on life and the ability to gain unforgettable experiences to share with the world.

Since the rise of social media, especially Instagram, I’ve been able to seek amazing inspiration from amazing travelers enjoying the globe. I peruse sites like Travel Noire, Soul Society and Black Girls Travel Too, just to name a few. My goal with TravelWithTheRussells, is to be that inspiration for you and your family.

Here’s a list of Fabulous Hotels on my bucket list. I highly recommend you research each one and add them to your list of travels as well. Some of the hotels are located internationally, yet many are down the street from our home. Read the details, below:

 5 Fabulous Hotels On My Bucket List

5 Fabulous Hotels On My Bucket List

The Salamander Resort

Fabulous Hotels On My Bucket List

Sheila C. Johnson, the co founder of B.E.T. is the owner of amazingly beautiful hotel empire with four properties in Virginia and Florida. One of their largest properties is located near beautiful vineyards, the Salamander Resort & Spa. Recently opened their doors in 2013 in Middleburg, Va only one hour from downtown Washington, D.C. This hotel is pure luxury, I’ve literally spent an hour perusing each property online.

Chicago South Loop Hotel

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Fabulous Hotels On My Bucket List

Yes, I’m nearly 40 minutes away from Chicago and I’ve yet to stay at the Chicago South Loop Hotel. I have visited for their fun karaoke night as well as a fun birthday party but I’ve never stayed. If you’re traveling to Chicago, be sure to add this hotel to your list.

Hilton Cabana Miami

Fabulous Hotels On My Bucket List

Heading to the sunny beaches of Miami this year? If not, you will may want to change your mind. An upscale luxury hotel owned by B.E.T. Founder Robert L. Johnson, the Hilton Cabana Miami opened in 2014. Basking in the sun with cool breezes of the Miami Beach featuring modern designs and great amenities.

MoreHead Manor

Fabulous Hotels On My Bucket List

Morehead Manor Bed & Breakfast is a one of a kind where elegance and excitement meets hospitality in Durham North Carolina. From the photos, this bed and breakfast looks the perfect place to getaway and relax for a weekend of solitude.

The Ocean Terrace Inn

Fabulous Hotels On My Bucket List

An intimate 4 star boutique hotel in St. Kitts has raging reviews. I’ve added this place to my list for sure. The Ocean Terrace Inn promises to deliver the best island hospitality with amazing amenities. Plus, the view is absolutely amazing! Will you take the trip?

Where are you planning your family travel this year? Let us know in the comment section below.

Chat soon! Ro’Shunda

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