7 Tips For Airplane Travel With Baby

My husband and I are avid travelers. We travel at least 3 to 5 times per year. One of my main concerns was how I would be able to make sure our son was comfortable during his first travel experience. Baby Calvin’s first flight was at 4 months old to beautiful Tampa Florida.

I must say, I was pretty nervous, I started to research tips just like you to use during the flight. I want to share my tips with you for stress-less airline travel with baby. It honestly wasn’t as bad as I imagined. My number one lifesaver was breastfeeding, it instantly relaxed him. I’ve added a few photos of baby Calvin first flight to Tampa Florida, below. Take a look at the photos plus tips:

7 Tips For Airline Travel With Baby

7 Tips For Airplane Travel With Baby

Book Flight Time

If possible, book your flight around the time your baby typically takes his nap or go down for bed. For instance, search for flight times in the early afternoon or late night.

Reserve The Window Seat

Being right by the window gives you the ability to control the amount of sunlight that will  come                                    into your row. It helps to have the ability to lift the shade to chat about the clouds and the sky but to also have the ability remove the light when putting baby to sleep.

7 Tips For Airline Travel With Baby

The hotel gave me a bowl to wash baby in! Hilarious!


Have Milk Ready!

Since there is a difference in air pressure when the airplane takes off, reaches the 10,000 altitude level and when the plane lands, it’s best to place baby on breast or give bottle during these important intervals time.  This method is equivalent to adults chewing gum so their ears can pop, per se. Giving your baby something to suck on, bottle, breast or pacifier, helps the  baby ears to open so the alleviation won’t harm their ears or cause irritability.

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Easy Access Clothes

I love the sleepers with a zipper instead of the buttons. When baby needs changing, a zipper is most effective and efficient to get baby legs in and out of the clothing areas quickly.

7 Tips For Airline Travel With Baby

Enjoying Tampa sun

Diaper Bag Nearby

Place your diaper pad, wipes and a few diapers in the magazine compartment in front of you. This will allow you to quickly grab the necessities you need in order to head to the bathroom without searching for your bulky diaper bag.

Take Advantage of the NO Seat Belt Sign

If you are on a longer flight and your baby is getting antsy by sitting down. Wait until the pilot takes off the seat belt sign and allows guest to walk the cabin. Here’s your opportunity to walk up and down the walk-way to soothe your baby and give him/her a change of pace. This is completely safe however, if you feel uncomfortable speak with a flight attendant.

7 Tips For Airplane Travel With Baby

My little ducky at the hotel

Milk Storage

I opted to simply whip out my breast for feeding however, if you are using formula I recommend a measuring compartment container. I’ve seen many moms carry this item in their diaper bag. It allows you to measure out the amount of formula baby needs and pour directly into the bottle. You can find a compartment container, here.

7 Tips For Airplane Travel With Baby

Quack quack lil ducky

Please note that babies will cry at times when traveling. Don’t freak-out or fell embarrassed, I’m pretty sure other people on the flight have kids with them or at home.

Bonus: One of the many perks of traveling with your baby is that you can  board the airplane a bit sooner than others using the family travel pass. The flight attendant asks for those flying with a baby to come forward,  typically after boarding group A, when flying with Southwest Airlines. This perk allows you to find your preferred seating area.

When did you start traveling with your little one? Have any tips, list them below.

Chat soon, Ro’Shunda

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