7 Easy Summer Organization Tips

Excited to have a guest with us today! Kelly from One Quarter Mama is sharing amazing nuggets about getting your family organized this summer. Gather all the details, below:

7 Easy Summer Organization Tips

7 Easy Summer Organization Tips

Summer break is supposed to be relaxing, but it can quickly become stressful if you aren’t organized. Especially if you’re a first time parent of a child who just started school, you don’t necessarily have day care service to fall back on over the summer months. If both parents work outside the home full time, the question is, what do you do with the kids? You’re lucky if you have family around to help out, but even grandma deserves a break!

You don’t want your kids sitting around in front of the TV all summer, and you want to stay within your budget, so here are some tips on how to start getting organized to minimize stress and maximize fun!

  1. Explore summer camps. Many cities have a summer camp conference where you will be able to interview a whole bunch of different camps all in one place. If you’re not quite ready for sleepaway camp yet, there are still lots of great options. Keep in mind your child’s personality when researching, but there really are camps for everyone. Or use the time to allow your child try a new skill and see if they like it. There are art camps, science camps, language camps, sports, music, horseback riding and more. If you’re sure about your choice, it’s important to reserve the dates you want early.
  2. Take advantage of early summer clothing sales. Now is the time to go through the wardrobes, closets, storage bins and hand-me-downs. Take stock of what you have and see what you’re missing. When sales are really good, I often shop for next year’s size at the same time. Always think one step ahead. You know shorts and t-shirts are always going to be needed and basic styles don’t change that much from year to year. Barring a major growth spurt, you can usually get away shopping for two years at a time. Also remember that summer clothes go through much more wear and tear, and get stained and dirty. And if they go to camp, expect some items to get lost. Plan for at the very minimum 8 pairs of shorts and 10 tops per child.
  3. Bonus tip – speaking of items getting lost, label everything! I love Mabel’s Labels. They’re durable and quickly applied. I just don’t have time for iron-on labels and markers. They even offer special summer camp labels  to get you covered.
  4. Stock up on insect repellant and sunscreen. I love bulk stores like Costco or Sam’s Club for things like this. You know it’s going to be used and you can get an excellent brand at a great price.  
  5. Plan in some downtime as well. Don’t get too worked up about scheduling activities that you forget to leave some empty space in your calendar. Spontaneous BBQ’s and parties are going to happen that you’re going to want to attend. Also, it’s good to allow kids to be bored now and then. Let them use their imagination!
  6. Take advantage of free stuff! Even though it’s indoors, we use our local library way more in the summer. Taking advantage of the air conditioning is good, but I also like to make sure my kids keep up with their reading. My local library even rents out musical instruments! It’s a great way to keep brains stimulated when school is out.

  7. Expect the unexpected! You can only plan so much. There will be cuts and bruises, cabin fever on rainy days, and kids getting tired of seeing their siblings faces too much. It’s all par for the course! Don’t sweat the small stuff. At the end of the day, the kids come home dirty, get scrubbed down in the bath and are all tuckered out for bedtime. Enjoy!

Kelly (@One Quarter Mama) blogs about family life at http://www.onequartermama.ca We’re an interracial family with one autistic son and one transracially adopted son, which makes us one heck of a unique family!

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  1. Tavana

    Great tips for the summer. I started #2 last week. #5 is a must, brings balance. #6 is a definite for us. We are always at the library, especially during the summer time. Lot so great free activities. Thanks for posting this.

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