5 Ways To Organize As A Busy Mom

I know first hand that being a busy mom with a disorganized home will drive me absolutely bonkers. Seriously, organization is key in our household. I try my best to stick to my weekly routine but sometimes, I veer off. I admit that blogging plus running a business plus, maintaining a home, plus being a wife and mom while implementing new “homeschooling” techniques can be overwhelming.

Which is why I’m excited to introduce you to our guest blogger for the day, Tavana of STRIVEDESTINATION. She is sharing 5 awesome tips you can start implementing with your family today to become more organize. These tips are awesome and I’ve began to implement the digital phone feature today! Read the deets, below:

5 Ways To Organize As A Busy Mom

5 ways to organize as a busy mom

Let’s discuss a few things to get you organized as a busy mom.

1. Establish Rules

You are not a Super Woman, so don’t pretend you are. Everyone should have a job to do, no excuses. If your children are of age and they put something down, then they should pick it up. Generally, if your child can use a smart phone and download apps, they should know how to work a dishwasher. If the kids get home from school and won’t hang their coats or place their shoes in its designated area, privileges get taken away. You’re not the only one who goes into the bathroom, you’re not the only one who uses the kitchen and you’re not the only one who drives the car.

I made the mistake early as a new parent of allowing kids to play with whatever they wanted and I’d just clean up after them. I used to think “just let them enjoy their time”. One day, my mother saw how overwhelmed I was from them running around. I was really frustrated and was about to start my fussing, until my mother reminded me that most of the mess was my fault because I let them run around without them taking part in cleaning their mess. Not anymore! My new rule is, if you put it down, you pick it up and it works.

It’s time to establish reasonable rules for your tribe, so that everything runs smoothly and keeps its place so you will have your peace of mind.

2. Get Digital

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Are you making use of all your smart phone features? Think of your Smartphone as your personal assistant:

 You can make lists.

 You can schedule and color code appointments via the built-in calendar.

 Get e-bills and pay your utilities via auto pay.

 Make your financial investments with apps like Stash.

 Save paper, time and money by using apps like Target Cartwheel for iOS and Smart Source for your household coupons and savings.

 Don’t forget you can set alerts and reminders for important events.

 Most importantly, remember to block out time to relax.

3. Reuse, Recycle or Trash

My Motto: If you can’t fit it in the house, then you can’t keep it in the house. If it’s too small and you can’t pass it down, donate it. If it’s torn, stained or shattered, trash it. If it’s a keepsake, digitize it or place it somewhere that is out of sight, but not out of mind.

4. On The Go Organizers

My five year old is known for bringing and leaving paper crayons, books and whatever little bits she likes to leave in my car. Over the summer, while grocery shopping, I found a backseat car organizer. This organizer (here) has changed my life. There’s a place to hold a beverage, books, crayons, paper, pencils, tissue and wipes.

To help us cut down on trash while we are out, I try to bring water bottles purchased from Target and re-fill throughout the day before taking them home.

5. Meditate & Rest

Be sure to take a moment to rest, event if its only 30 minutes. I think as mothers, we tend overlook ourselves as we take care of everyone else. So, never feel guilty about taking care of yourself.

Comment below with ways you stay organized as a busy mom.

Thank you for reading!


5 ways to organize as a busy mom


Tavana Darris is a mom, business owner and blogger at STRIVEDESTINATION. STRIVEDESTINATION is a blog dedicated to Biz Talk, Family & Kids and Lifestyle and seeks to inspire and promote a balance in business/home life. Tavana enjoys family, friends, travel, food and tranquil moments that bring about peace and balance to her busy life.

4 thoughts on “5 Ways To Organize As A Busy Mom

  1. Shauna

    Excellent Guest Post and Tips! My favorite is if you drop it pick it up so simple. The children I care for understand that this is the way we have smooth fun days and I wouldn’t be able to have any other way. Teaching children to take part also ensures that they know how to take care of themselves in the future . Thanks I’m a fan of Tavana’s work and yours great post ladies ?

  2. Laneic Lavalle

    Love #4! Especially since my son INSISTS on bringing atleast 2 toys with him whenever we leave the house, my car can get quite messy. I need to get one of those backseat pockets or something!

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