How To Plan A Successful Baby Shower With Timeline

I had the pleasure of planning my sister baby shower this past weekend and it was beautiful! Her theme was Sprinkled with LOVE for her first born son, Nathan. I incorporated customized banners, invitations and personalized thank you gifts to make her special day unique and extremely special.

To reduce the stress of planning and preparation, I’ve compiled a list of tips you can use to plan a successful and FUN baby shower for someone you love. You may read and view a video of my baby shower, here. Let me know via Facebook or Instagram the theme of your baby shower.

How To Plan A Successful Baby Shower With Timeline

How To Plan A Successful Baby Shower With Timeline


3 Months 

Date & Time: Speak with your guest of honor and request 2 different dates and time frames she would prefer her baby shower to be. Providing two options for the date and time will allow you more flexibility when reaching out to venues.

Theme: Ask the mom-to-be if she has a preference on how she would like the shower to look such as the color scheme or theme. The theme of the baby shower can be as simple as a teddy bear theme or pink and purple colors.

Location: Based on the theme, you can begin to research the perfect venue that would be suitable. If you are planning the baby shower at your home or an event space, now would be the time to make arrangements.

Guests: Request a list of names, emails, phone numbers and address from the mom-to-be.

6 Weeks

Registry: Be sure that the mom-to-be is registered for selection of gifts.

Invitations: Order Baby Shower Invitations and mail them off as soon as they arrive.

4 Weeks

Menu: Plan out the menu with the mom-to-be

Decor: Start making a list of decor items and where you can purchase items.

Invitations Mailed: Be sure that the invitations are mailed out and begin to receive RSVPs from guests.

3 Weeks

Place Orders: Now is the perfect time to place orders for the custom banners, favors and treats.

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Delegate Tasks: Ask who would be willing to assist with putting up decorations on the day of the baby shower. Ask a family member or close friend if they are able to pick-up or escort the mom.

2 Weeks 

Reserve and Confirm: If you are having the shower at a restaurant, it is best to confirm the date and details with the management of staff. If the shower is at a home, be sure that you’ve confirmed rental supplies, table linen, designated dishes, purchase more plates and silverware as needed.

1 Week Away

Confirm Guests and No RSVPs: Confirm those who replied yes and follow-up with those who have yet to respond to your invitation.

2 Days Away

Shopping: Shop for food, last minute decor items,

Check-In with Mom-To-Be: Ask whether she will need any special seating accommodations, food request and overall, how she and baby are doing.

Clean: Ensure your home is spotless for the baby shower. If you are having the shower at a venue, stop in today and speak with the management to ensure things go as planned.

Morning of Baby Shower

Prepare Food: Cut, slice, bake and keep everything fresh and hot until guest arrival.

Host: Give a call to all hosts to ensure they will arrive on time to assist with shower details.

Delegate Tasks: Designate someone to assist mom with opening her gifts, picking up trash, and capturing photos.

Call the Mom: Check-in on the mom-to-be and make sure she is feeling well and ready for her day.

Party Time!

Greet guest and introduce them to other guests

Play fun games like, the price is right, baby scramble, measure the tummy and other fun ideas.

Take pictures and open gifts

I hope the timeline and tips help you plan a successful Baby Shower  Be sure to leave your favorite baby shower theme below:
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