5 Tips To Find The Perfect Swimsuit

Summer is approaching and the desire to find the perfect swimsuit for your body type is increasing. I know first hand how difficult swimsuit shopping can be! We are looking for a quality swimsuit at the right price, that will fit our curves and hide imperfections, right? I maybe able to help! Let’s go over some common body shapes and a few swimwear suggestions that may work for you. Plus, I’ll throw in one popular website that you can shop and save money, while purchasing a quality bathing-suit. Let’s jump right in!

5 Tips To Find The Perfect Swimsuit

5 Tips To Find The Perfect Swimsuit

Large Bust

5 Tips To Find The Perfect Swimsuit

Select a fun color and pattern that will add a bit of distraction to your top half. A bright color polka dot or strips plays off your bust-line. Then add a two-piece high waist swimsuit which will elongate your petite frame add bring attention to legs and curves.

Small Bust

5 Tips To Find The Perfect Swimsuit

I recommend a halter top swimsuit! A halter is an excellent way to push your bust up and held tight in one direction. Selecting a one-piece halter will allow you to draw even more attention to your new perky sensations up top, allowing them to be in the forefront.

Hide The Belly 

5 Tips To Find The Perfect Swimsuit


Ditch the thought of a poofy peplum swimsuit, we are going for cut-outs! Yes, if you have a buldge in the front mid section, I want you to try on a cut-out swimsuit with a bit of fringe at the top. Select swimwear with cut-outs on the sides or with a lower cut back. This will create an illusion of a flatter stomach but it will not hide love handles, that’s another story.

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5 Tips To Find The Perfect Swimsuit

Afraid that those hips and your vivacious curves are too much for swimwear? Think again! Try the off the shoulder swimsuit with added ruffle or rushing. You are now adding sex appeal without showing too much skin.

No Curves 

5 Tips To Find The Perfect Swimsuit

Create curves with a deep v-cut halter one piece swimsuit. Select a swimsuit that has added padding that will allow you to create more definition up top. The lower v-cut will add more emphasis to your front neckline.

Beach Wear Hat 

5 Tips To Find The Perfect Swimsuit

To complete your look, put on a big, beautiful and floppy sun hat. This super chic beachwear hat with a brim rim is a must have, take a look: here.

All of these fashionable items are under $25.00! Yes, I am very serious. For under $100, you can own 4 quality swimsuits to ensure you are looking stylish for the upcoming beach parties. Ami Clubwear provides high quality swimwear for less.

So, the next question is, where do you plan to wear your fashionable swimsuit? Let us know via Facebook, Instagram or comment below:

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