4 Things This Chicago Mom Really Want For Mother’s Day Without The Fluff

Mother’s Day is less than one week away and if you think the only thing Moms want are flowers and a good brunch, puh-leassee, that’s the furthest from my thoughts. I’m going to spill the beans of what many Moms, like myself, want to ditch and would love to have for Mother’s Day! If you agree and want to share the knowledge with others, feel free to share via Facebook & Instagram .

4 Things This Chicago Mom Really Want For Mother’s Day Without The Fluff

4 Things This Chicago Mom Really Want For Mother's Day Without The Fluff


Let’s start off with the overrated, expensive gifts, I don’t want for Mother’s Day

Not Jewelry

Although, I love a good pair of diamond studs. Nope, I don’t wanna calculate that added miscellaneous expense into next week budget. When moms handle all of the family expenses, we notice a negative $600 from the account. I don’t want to  rearrange the grocery budget to suffice.

Not Brunch

So, if we go to brunch, this would mean all the children would be there as well… hmmm. I’ll pass on this one as well. I can only imagine being at the table dealing with the fall-outs, picking up food from the floor and a screaming toddler while I’m trying to relax and enjoy a bellini. Nope, not on my day.

Not Lingerie 

Is this day for me or for you? Heading to Victoria Secrets to pick out what you would like me to wear later on tonight isn’t a practical gift for me. A box of bath salts, candles and the ability to close the bathroom door without it being kicked down by a toddler sounds much better, to me.

Here’s What I Had In Mind For Mother’s Day

Spotless Home

I don’t want to wash, wipe, dust, or sweep at all. Relieve me of my day to day responsibilities. Give me the opportunity to wake up to a clean home with breakfast prepared. Clean throughout the day so that dishes won’t pile up for the day after Mother’s Day. Fold the laundry, rearrange the pantry, oil the hardwood floors, mop behind the refrigerator. You know, the real tasks we tend to handle.

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Personalized Gift

Think of an inexpensive gift that would make me emotional every-time I take a look. Last year my husband created a book of my son baby photos. It was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Often times we place photos on social media but it was great to have them printed off and inside of a book for keepsake.

Take Me Somewhere I Love

Is there a local band, concert, club or movie happening on Mother’s Day that you know I would love. Maybe an event that you wouldn’t necessarily love but you know, it would make me squeal with excitement. I want to go there, I would even take a road trip if it’s within a 3 hour driving distance.

Quality Time

Can you just sit with me. Turn off your phone and listen to me share my life goals. We can reminisce on the day we met, while you create my favorite cocktail. Find my favorite movies, cuddle and allow me to take a nap in between. Allow me to journal my thoughts and just relax for the day.

How does this sounds moms, am I close to getting the message right for you as well? Don’t take this article as being ungrateful. I absolutely love my life as a work from home mom. Will I be grateful for whatever gift (s) I receive? Yes, I will be grateful, appreciative and filled with glee. However, this is what I truly want for Mother’s Day. Can’t I be a bit blunt about it?

Guys, ask the lady in your life what would make her happy for Mother’s Day. You may save a ton of money on flowers, ditch the pandora necklace, skip the brunch with kids and give her the inexpensive gift that will make her life easier, just for a day.

Mommies, what’s on your wish list for Mother’s Day?

Thank you for reading!

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