5 Ways To Get A U.S. Passport For Minor Fast

We are in preparation to travel abroad with our 2 year old son and he will need a passport. The process to obtain a passport for a newborn is the same as a minor, 16 years and younger. The U.S. application must be applied for in person at an agency or at your local post office. The best part is the cost is typically less than an adult passport and last 5 years. The documentations needed for the application process can be obtained at the U.S. Dept of State website. You can grab a new passport with stickers, here.

If you are preparing to travel with your minor and you would like a U.S. passport quickly, here’s the steps to take.

5 Ways To Get A U.S. Passport For Minor Fast

5 Ways To Get A U.S. Passport For Minor Fast

Step 1: 

Gather the documentations needed from the U.S. Dept of State website. You will need:

  • Form- DS-11: Fill out the form with the child information. The form can be found at this website, here.
  • The legal guardians must apply for passport in person with child
  • Include the supporting documents requested in the form, like a birth certificate
  • Only sign the documents upon arrival to the agency or authorized office

Step 2:

  • Using a white background, take a close-up photo of your child
  • Your child must be the only one in the photo. No shadows or glares are allowed
  • Print the photo of your child in a color picture size 2×2

Step 3:

  • Head to your local passport agency with documents and photo in hand of your minor
  • Both parents on the birth certificate must be present upon arrival to the agency. If one parent is unable to attend then a notarized statement of consent form must be given. You can find the consent form and other documents, here.
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Step 4: 

  • Provide required documentations of the parents:
  • Valid drivers license. Passport. Government issued ID
  • If you do not have one or more of these, then you can use a secondary form of identification for application. It may include: Credit car, social security card or library card

Step 5:

  • Expedited Passport may take 8 to 10 business days
  • Pay the expedited fee of $60.00
  • Pay for overnight shipment fees. These are fees not included in the passport fee nor the expedited service.

Typical processes time frame for a passport is 4 to 6 weeks. With the expedited service, you can save 4 weeks. It will cost a bit more but if you are in a hurry for travel, this is the best way.

Other Useful Tips

It can be best to go to your local Post office when obtaining a passport for a newborn. They will have you sign and notarize all necessary documents, take the required photo, and mail off the information in a prepaid envelope.

If you are visiting an agency be sure to carry along all your necessary documentation as a parent of the minor.

For more information to obtain a passport for a minor, visit this link, here.

I am looking forward to a new unique experience outside the U.S. with my family. Plus, I can’t wait to come back and share our trip adventures with you.

Tell me, where have you traveled abroad with your minor(s).

Thanks for reading, Ro’Shunda


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  1. Reiko

    Thank you for posting. We are taking an almost 2 year old and 4 year old to The Dominican Republic so this is perfect timing!

    I would have overlooked getting their pics prior to going to the passport office.

    @Zavi_and_Zara on Instagram

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