5 tips to get through Airport Screening Easier with Kids

5 tips to get through Airport Screening Easier with Kids

If you are planning a vacation trip with your tots, you may be wondering how to get through airport screening without the stress. Traveling with the kids can be one of the daunting processes during airport security today. With a stroller that needs to fold up, the sippy cups and travel snacks that need to be screened, and with the kids bored from waiting around in the security lines, can be some of the least challenging tasks you need to face. So, how will you be able to overcome all of these?

Fortunately, I have some of the most useful tips to help you prepare for airport screening, if you want to bring your toddlers with you.

5 tips to get through Airport Screening Easier with Kids

5 tips to get through Airport Screening Easier with Kids?

Be Patient

When you are at the airport and standing in lines, you have to be patient. It may sound inconvenient waiting in a very long line, but there are important security measures taking place to ensure your flight remains safe.

Have a Plan and Stay Organized

If you travel with another adult, for example, your husband, you have to make a plan ahead of time of who will handle the stroller issues, carry the kids, in-charge for the liquids and electronics in the zip locks. Make sure that one of you wear clothing with big, easy to reach, and safe pockets to place your ID and/or passports. By planning these, you will save time during the process of security screening.

Talk to Your Kids

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Explain to the kids what they’re about to experience in entering the security area, including walking thru the metal detector, taking off the shoes or jackets, etc. By orienting them ahead of time, they will know what to do to help the process go by easier. If they are old enough, have them managed their own personal belongings while giving a minimum supervision.

Make Sure That Everything Is Already In the Bag

While traveling, important items can be easily misplaced. In addition, the areas in the security screening are not the cleanest place for the random pacifiers and soothing items to land. So make sure that everything is inside the bag and safely zipped.

Opt Out from Stroller Issues

If you bring a stroller with you, make sure that it is ready for folding before you get to enter the security area. The stroller as well as the car’s seats must go through gate checks and through a scanner. If you want your child to be in a stroller until the last minute, it can be useful when you have an extra empty compartment for easy and quick folding.

Don’t let the kids missed out on creating memorable trips of their childhood years. With proper planning ahead,  getting through the airport screening will be more than easy. I hope the following tips allow you to bring your children with you and get through with the complicated airport screening process easier.

Thank you for reading!

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