Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Do I Really Need Travel Insurance?

If you often take family trips, you may come to realize the utmost importance of having travel insurance. On the other hand, some people view it to be costly and prefer not having one. Many travelers are asking, “Do I really need  travel insurance?” Until today, this question has been a great debate.

As fun adventure seekers, you need to know that there are different types of travel insurances. However, finding the most suitable one can be daunting, confusing and costly. But behind this stressful process, the success of finding the right travel insurance can also bring optimum security if something happens to you while you are on a trip.  So which side would be better? To buy a travel insurance or not? Let us see some of the pros and cons of purchasing travel insurance, this way you will know the difference between having insurance and not having nothing insurance at all.

The Advantages of Having Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is useful for emergencies. Here are the best benefits of having travel insurance. The pros:

  • Insurance can get your booking cost back once your flight is cancelled. Cancelled trips caused by any natural disaster can be covered by travel insurance.
  • You can be compensated if you lose your baggage or if the travel booking company is bankrupt.
  • Travel insurance can help in the treatment cost if you have contact with malaria on your holiday trip.
  • Some policies provide coverage for the stolen, damaged or lost baggage (make sure that your travel insurance covers the cost of luggage in the policy).
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The Disadvantages of Not Having Travel Insurance

For many people, using travel insurance for their trips, can be:

  • Costly, as they don’t NEED travel insurance for a smooth holiday vacation. Some say that they can spend those dollars for their holidays adventures instead of spending on an insurance package. As a result, lots of people don’t find the cost of the insurance worthwhile and they just take chance with the illness, weather and luggage lost.
  • Travel insurance doesn’t cover everything on its policy. The cheaper the insurance you have, the lesser coverage you get. This means that if you want a bigger coverage, you need to avail the entire offerings of the insurance, which also means, you have to pay a higher price. And once you avail all the coverage in the policy, you also pay for the coverage that you might not use in the entire life of your insurance. For some people, this is just a waste of money.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, if you are planning your next holiday trip, decide if you can afford the risk of traveling without the added protection of insurance. If you are willing to get travel insurance, make sure that it covers all of your family needs. Ask the following questions to yourself and decide if you need a travel insurance package.

Do you believe Travel Insurance is a must have? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading! Ro’Shunda

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