How To Create The Best Vision Board For Ultimate Success

I created my first vision board about 9 years ago at a business conference and I loved it. It was an amazing experience to sit down and really get in tune with my thoughts, my goals and then find images to visually express them. Many times, our visions are written down in black and white but honestly, when you see your goals come to life on a large poster board, its exciting! Having a visual representation of your goals makes them stronger and encourages your emotions to thrive.

Vision boarding is not a trend or some special magic, this process really works. Creating and displaying a vision board is the Law Of Attraction. Have you read the book, The Secret? (purchase) It explains the law of attraction in more details and its a good read.

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Now, let’s get into it:

How To Create The Best Vision Board For Ultimate Success

How To Create The Best Vision Board For Ultimate Success


What Is A Vision Board

A vision board is a collection of images and words that represent your goals. You can refer to a vision board as a visionary map or a creativity collage. The purpose of a vision board is to bring those things that you’ve been dreaming about, praying about and want to achieve to life.


The first step to creating a successful vision board is to visualize what you want to achieve. This is the time to think about your life, ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish, what are your aspirations, what makes you happy?

Now, take a pen and paper and clearly define your goals. Write them down on a notepad or in your journal. Try this popular journals, here.

Choose A Specific Theme

After taking time to reflect on your goals and visualizing what you want to achieve in the New Year. Decide on a theme that will visually showcase what you’re focus will be. Themed vision boards are great to have if you want to break down a specific vision you have or you can make a more generalized theme. A general theme will also allow you to display a combination of all of your goals. Creating a general vision board will allow you take inspiration from one source and create multiple smaller boards or break down action steps into a journal.

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Here’s a few themes you can consider:

  • A Dream Vacation Vision Board
  • A Personal Development Vision Board
  • A Monetary Increase Vision Board
  • A Career Vision Board
  • A Relationship Vision Board
  • A Weight-loss Goals Vision Board

All of these are options for a themed vision board but as I mentioned above, you can combine all of these ideas into one large vision board.

Grab Your Materials

You will need the following to create your vision board(s):

  • A White or Colored Poster Board
  • A Pair of Scissors, Tape, Glue, Markers
  • A Bundle of Magazines & Newspapers

How To Create A Vision Board

  1. Find pictures from the magazine/newspapers that represent your goals. Cut them out and lay them around the poster board. Don’t paste them yet.
  2. Find inspiration quotes, sayings or motivation from the magazine/newspapers. Cut them out and lay them around the poster board. Don’t paste them yet.
  3. Think about a design and arrangement of the photos that appeal to you.
  4. Take a glue stick and paste your images and words on the vision board.
  5. That’s it! Your DONE.


The Ultimate Success

In order to achieve the ultimate success from your vision board, it must be visible to you everyday.¬† Don’t create a vision board and leave it behind your dresser or a less frequent spot in your home. By looking at your visual board on a daily basis, you are subconsciously attracting the resources, people and opportunities you need to manifest your goals.

Your brain will start to think of different ways to help you achieve the goals you’ve visually outlined. Soon, you will notice that your will start to make new acquaintances, take more risk, and become more of the person it will take to manifest your vision.

Have you created a vision board? If so, how was your experience.

Thank you for reading! Ro’Shunda

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