Why I’m Demanding Steel In My Next Car

Learn more about why #SteelMatters, one of the featured highlights of the 2018 Chicago Auto Show.

Why I’m Demanding Steel In My Next Car

Why I'm Demanding Steel In My Next Car

Steel intensive cars today are safer than steel intensive cars of the past. Cars today use a greater variety of steels that help with handling, stability and absorption in a crash.

The variety of steel grades allow automakers to design safer vehicles. Rigid and strong steels are used around the passenger compartment to prevent intrusion, whereas other types of steel are used in the front and rear of the vehicle to allow for better crash absorption. So, when there is an impact during a car collision, it’s more of a controlled crush that will absorb the energy of a crash. This new advanced steel will provide more protection for passengers.

Does steel increase the weight of the vehicle or change the integrity of the car?

According to Dr. Jody Hall of Steel Market Development Institute, steel use does impact the integrity of a vehicle – it provides better performance, is more durable and aids with greater occupant protection. This new form of steel provides better sustainability, car performance and a better value to consumers since, it cost less than aluminum.

That’s right! Owning a vehicle with more steel will save you more money. Aluminum is two to three times more expensive. Plus, steel provides the highest value by allowing automakers to maintain their existing car manufacturing infrastructure.

Why I'm Demanding Steel In My Next Car

Can you tell I’m excited about the increase of steel in vehicles? I’m even more excited to see the line-up of new cars with added steel at the Chicago Auto Show. Be sure to follow along with me on Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories and Twitter¬† for behind the scenes highlights on February 8th.¬†

Check out the hashtags #CAS18 and #SteelMatters throughout the 2018 Chicago Auto Show February 10-19th.

Enjoy the Chicago Auto Show!

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