3 Ways You Can Get Kicked Off Airplane, Legally

I’m sure you’ve heard about the numerous incidents of airline passengers being kicked off their flight by crew-members. In one instance two officers were fired over the removal of a United passenger. Yes, back in April 2017 a man was physically violent and forcible removed by aviation security on an aircraft planning to arrive in my hometown of Chicago. The passenger was left bruised and bloody in an incident that left the airline under extreme scrutiny along with a couple lawsuits.

As you begin to plan your family travel adventures, it’s wise to take note of a few precautions that can possibly get you kicked off an airplane, legally.

3 Ways You Can Get Kicked Off Airplane, Legally

3 Ways You Can Get Kicked Off Airplane, Legally

Over-Sold or Over-Booked Airline Seats

You can get booted from the plane if the airline sells your seat to someone else, it happens! Even with the amazing technology we have today, the computer system may resell or oversell airline tickets. If a crew member ask you to exit the plane do to over booking, you can receive up to $1,350 compensation for your time and anguish. Most airlines will attempt to give you a travel voucher to reuse when booking your next trip but you can request cash. Delta was recently fined for not telling passengers about the cash reimbursement causing them to pay a fine for the infraction.

You’re Too Inebriated/Unruly

When flight attendants ask you to take your seat, fasten your seat belt and place all carry-on items underneath the front seat, I encourage you to listen. You can be deplaned for unruly children, not listening during security precautions, bad odor and over drinking. This is up to the discretion of the crew members so, please be aware.

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Dress Code Doesn’t Fit

Some airlines will kick you off the plane or refuse your boarding, if you are dressed¬†with offensive wording or nudity. One of my favorite airline companies, Southwest, refused a passenger for boarding due to excessive cleavage and another due to baggy clothing that exposed his underwear. Airlines won’t request you to wear a suit and tie when boarding but it’s always nice to have on presentable attire when arriving at the gate.

Let’s all just pray for an uneventful flight so, that we may arrive to our destinations¬†safely and on-time.

3 Ways You Can Get Kicked Off An Airplane, Legally

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