How To Teach Your Child To Read At Home For Free

Teach Your Child To Read At Home For Free

Teaching your child how to read is not as difficult as you may think. Nowadays it seems that children are reading earlier than ever before. I saw one child reading at the age of two when most educational experts recommend starting to teach a reading curriculum at the age of five.

If you’re child isn’t ready to read, don’t worry about it. Adding additional pressure to your child may turn him/her off of reading completely. So, take your time and make learning fun.

Our son, Calvin, is 3 years old. We are in the beginning stages of teaching him how to read and he is learning faster than I expected. I’m mixing a blend of phonics with sight-word memory. Our home-school day consist of letter sounds and recognition, sight word flash cards, reading books, counting and writing. This process takes 30 minutes or less and is done twice a day.

Today, I’m sharing with you the steps I took to help my toddler read using an age appropriate curriculum. This educational format is for those children that have mastered letter recognition, the alphabet and have an understanding of letter sounds. Feel free to adjust the steps to fit the needs of your child. Now, let’s get into How To Teach Your Child To Read plus watch our video, below.

How To Teach Your Child To Read At Home For Free


The First Step

The first step to teach your child to read is to read to your child. Calvin and I have been reading together since birth. We started with small five page books that mainly focused on touch and feel textures that help develop his knowledge while encouraging him to use his senses. I would recommend you check out the Baby Touch & Feel books, here.

The Second Step

Letter recognition and letter sounds. Start by helping your child recognize the letters of their name. I would sing Calvin’s name, write it on paper and the chalk board. By the age of two, he knew and could recognize the letters in his name. Next, my husband and I would incorporate alphabet flip cards in our bed time routine every night. Calvin quickly memorized the alphabet. He could sing it and point to the letters out of order.

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Third Step

Sounding out letters or decoding words is a great way to help your child read. As you can see in the video below, I would help Calvin decode a word by sounding out each letter. For instance, the word Mat. I encouraged him to  sound out each letter M sounds like mmmm, A sounds like aaeeeehhh, T sounds like taahhh, blending the letter sounds together creates the word MAT. The Letter Work book was phenomenal in helping us master letter sounds.

The Fourth Step

Sight words are vital to helping your child read and normally cannot be decoded. These high frequency words can only be memorized to help your child become a fluent reader. One of my favorite sites to find a list of sight words would be, I will do another video using one of the lessons taught on this website that help Calvin master some of his sight-words. I introduce 5 new sight words a week but feel free to go at the pace your child will allow. Make it fun and play a game of sight-words bingo during your next school session.


We started reading Bob’s Beginner Reader books. These books are amazing because they provide short vowels and three letter words in simple sentences providing young readers to gradually learn new words. The Bob Books Beginner edition are five to ten pages long, allowing a toddler to feel a since of accomplishments after reading an entire book.

How To Teach A Toddler To Read At Home For Free

Please note that every child learns differently so, don’t get frustrated with your toddler. Understand how he/she learns the best and cater to their learning curves and capabilities. While learning time is important, its also best to allow a kid to be a kid and incorporate fun playtime activities during school-time.

Utilize the steps mentioned above as a guideline to help you get started or enhance your current reading curriculum.

Let me know in the comment section below your thoughts on early learning and reading for toddlers.

Calvin Reading Bob’s Beginner Book

Thank you! Ro’Shunda

3 thoughts on “How To Teach Your Child To Read At Home For Free

  1. Christal

    Love it! My new 3yr old (by 6 days) reads but it’s primarily sight words and memorization. You’ve encouraged me to make sure I push those phonics! Next step is to get a copy of Letter Work. Your son is a smart little cutie!

    1. roshunda Post author

      Thats awesome. Yes, Ive found a blend of phonics and sightwords helps get over those hurdles when words get a bit tricky. Thank you for reading and keep me updated.

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