Tutorial: How To Create A Media Kit That Sells Your Brand

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Watch This Tutorial On How To Create A Media Kit That Sells Your Blogs To Brands! Plus, It’s Clickable! Allowing you to link your most popular sponsored post or brand partnerships directly inside your media kit.

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Enjoy, This Tutorial!




Creating a media kit has become one of the most popular tools for bloggers to “pitch” their website/blog for potential partnerships with brands. A media kit is a document used to share information about a product, service or event. Sometimes called a press kit, a media kit typically contains an about section, advertising options, social media handles, audience profiles, target market, case studies, previous brand partnerships, google analytics statistics and more. Media kits are unique to the industry it represents. So a mom blogger media kit would be different from a travel blogger and an music event kit will be different from a educational institution.

When I create a media kit for my blogger clients, they are normally a one-pager  or at max three pages. The goal is to highlight your major accomplishments, features and brand partnerships. These achievements are to entice a potential partner to work with you and pay. I talked a bit about using TWTR media kit to make money within the first 30 days of our launch, here.

After receiving some questions from my Money Making Blogger Mommies about how I created the TWTR media kit, I wanted to share exactly how, step-by-step, plus a detailed video. You can grab the first page of our media kit along with a pitch letter example, here. Read more, below:

How To Create A Free Hyper-Link Media Kit That Sells + Video

  1. Login to or create a FREE account.
  2. Under Create A Design, click the + sign for more options
  3. Scroll down and select the design type under Documents entitled Resume
  4. The Resume design layouts will upload and you can select which layout works best for you
  5. After making your layout selection, click on the layout and change text, colors and fonts to match your theme
  6. Change photos and text to describe your industry, about section, statistics, etc
  7. Add clickable images or hyper-link your most popular sponsored content to the original content page for potential sponsors to review and read
  8. Describe your audience and readers
  9. Share available opportunities to work with your brand
  10. List how you can be contacted
  11. Share your social media handles and make sure they are clickable by selecting the hyper-link  option over the text
  12. List your skills, previous experiences, what you excel at on top of being a content creator
  13. In your About section, share why you created the website, what readers will expect to learn and who you are
  14. Lastly, wrap up with a call to action that would read, how may I work with you or let’s get started on a partnership today.


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