BadAss Blog Launch Webinar

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BadAss Blog Launch

A strategic plan to launch your blog and get paid with little to no following in 30 days.



Hi ladies,

I created a webinar to share with you how you can launch a blog strategically to earn money within the first 30 days of your launch.

I share how I strategically launched TravelWithTheRussells and worked with amazing brands like Dyson, Shark Wave, BON Skin Care and many others with little to no following on social media.

I share how I use my experience as a sales and sponsorship consultant to add real value to brands in a mutually beneficial partnership that earned me both monetary benefit and high priced products.

Creating a blog is easy but launching a blog to create a lucrative business takes strategic planning.

The BadAss Blog Launch Is For You If: 

You’re interested in blogging but you’re not sure how to start/launch a blog.

You’re blogging, but not sure how to reach out to brands and pitch for products/services.

You’re ready to launch your blog but you don’t want to launch to crickets.

You want to learn how you can work with a brand although you have smaller numbers.



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