In the realm of junior golf, the exhilarating sensation of clinching victory in my first Under Armour tournament at Coyote Run Golf Course remains etched in my memory. The remarkable achievement unfolded against the backdrop of a challenging setting — battling adverse weather conditions with temperatures plummeting to 32 degrees, navigating through rain, and even contending with sporadic snowfall. Despite the formidable elements, the triumph was a testament to resilience, skill, and the sheer determination to conquer both the competition and the unforgiving elements on the course.

In the world of junior golf, winning a tournament is a thrilling achievement that marks the culmination of hard work, dedication, and skill development. However, beyond the scorecard and the accolades, it’s crucial for young golfers, like Calvin, to embrace the principles of good sportsmanship. Demonstrating respect for opponents, graciousness in victory, and humility in success not only reflects positively on an individual but also contributes to the overall spirit of the game.

Here are three essential sportsmanship rules that every junior golfer should uphold after clinching a tournament victory.

  1. Show Respect to Opponents:

One of the fundamental tenets of good sportsmanship is displaying respect for opponents. As a junior golfer, it’s important to recognize that every player on the course is striving for success and improvement, just like you. After a tournament win, take the time to congratulate your fellow competitors on their efforts. A simple handshake, a genuine smile, and a few words of encouragement can go a long way in fostering a positive and supportive golfing community.

Remember, the golf course is a shared space where camaraderie and respect should prevail. Avoid gloating or boasting about your victory, as this can create a divisive atmosphere. Instead, focus on building relationships with your peers, acknowledging their achievements, and appreciating the diversity of skills that contribute to the competitive tapestry of junior golf.

  1. Express Graciousness in Victory:

Winning is undoubtedly an exhilarating experience, but it’s crucial to express that triumph with grace and humility. A true sportsman understands that success is ephemeral and that the tide can turn in any future competition. When addressing your victory, maintain a humble demeanor, acknowledging the role of hard work and dedication in achieving your goals.

In victory speeches or interviews, emphasize gratitude toward your coaches, supporters, and sponsors. Recognize the efforts of your opponents and the challenges they posed. By demonstrating graciousness in victory, you not only uphold the values of sportsmanship but also inspire admiration and respect from your peers and the golfing community at large.

  1. Practice Humility in Success:

Humility is a virtue that extends beyond the golf course. After securing a tournament win, it’s essential for junior golfers to remain grounded and approach subsequent challenges with a humble mindset. Recognize that success in one competition does not guarantee future victories, and every round presents an opportunity for growth and learning.

Avoid developing a sense of entitlement or complacency. Instead, focus on continuous improvement and maintaining a strong work ethic. Seek guidance from mentors and coaches to identify areas for refinement in your game. By embracing humility in success, you not only enhance your own development as a golfer but contribute to the positive culture of sportsmanship within the junior golfing community.


As a junior golfer, winning tournaments is a commendable achievement, but it’s the embodiment of good sportsmanship that truly defines a player’s character. By showing respect to opponents, expressing graciousness in victory, and practicing humility in success, young golfers contribute to a culture of camaraderie and mutual growth within the sport. These sportsmanship rules not only enhance the individual player’s experience but also contribute to the overall integrity and spirit of junior golf.

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